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Flat Springs


Custom Made to Order Flat Springs or Flat Steel Forms

We produce high quality, made-to-order flat springs and forms in quantities from 1 to millions.

This is a very similar product category as wire forms. There are not many “standard” flat springs or flat steel forms available. Since standard flat springs are not always appropriate for all applications, our experienced craftsmen are able to meet individual application challenges by utilizing their professional experience, flexible tooling and automated production capabilities.

Your custom flat spring component can be readily designed and manufactured upon request. Each design is reviewed individually. We utilize many forms of production equipment ranging from simple hand benders for prototype and small quantity work, to high speed fourslide and vertislide equipment for larger volume production. All tooling is produced in house by our experienced tool making personnel. If you can create a drawing or rough sketch of the part you need and e-mail or fax it to us, we will review the information and advice if we can manufacture it and the cost.

The Industrial Spring staff gladly assists customers with part design, and we often produce flat spring prototypes to help make sure components will fit the geometric requirements of the application.

We are capable of forming flat springs from material thicknesses from .010 to .072 and widths to 1.500”. Some larger sizes can be evaluated on a case by case basis using different production methods. We can do short prototype runs or higher production quantities.

At Industrial Spring, we’ve been helping with our customer’s flat spring needs for more than 50 years. Learn how we can help design and manufacture a custom part for your next application by calling us at 816-741-6073 or email to info@isckc.com today.

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