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Compression Springs


Custom Made to Order Compression Springs

We produce high quality made-to-order helical, conical, barrel and hourglass compression springs in quantities from 1 to millions.

Compression springs are among the most widely used spring type in both industrial and commercial applications. When a linear force is applied to the ends of a compression spring, bringing its coils closer together, it resists compression by pushing back the load and returning to its original length. A compression spring is capable of storing mechanical energy. This property makes this kind an efficient shock-absorbing device. When it comes to choosing the most sought after compression spring supplier, customers have always relied on Industrial Spring for its excellence of customer service and perfect product quality.

At Industrial Spring we’ve been satisfying our customers’ compression spring needs for more than 50 years. Learn how we can help design and manufacture a custom spring for your next application by calling us at 816-741-6073  or email to info@isckc.com today.

Please see our “Compression Spring Technical Information” page to assist you with various design considerations for your compression spring requirements. This page will also outline our capabilities.

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