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Torsion Spring for Door Latch


A major client requested assistance regarding improved reliability of a latch assembly that used a torsion spring. Through investigation we found the original design of the assembly required the torsion spring legs to rotate in a direction that caused the spring outside diameter to open rather than close which is the preferred directional movement of a torsion spring. We recommended a spring design change. The new design allowed the spring legs to close the spring OD rather than opening it. Our clients performance issue was immediately improved without any costly changes to their assembly.

We manufactured torsion springs constructed from high-quality stainless steel, upholding a free angle let tolerance of (±) 5 degrees and exceeded our clients expectations. Each spring is equipped with two functional tangs. Using a Kan-Ban program, we were able to guarantee fast and efficient delivery of our products.




Torsion Spring

Product Description

This torsion spring is used in a door latch application.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Coiling Stress Relieving

Tightest Tolerances

Geometry Tolerance Free Angle Leg: ±5°

Material Used

Stainless Steel


Two Functional Tangs

Industry for Use



Kan-Ban Program