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Precision CNC Wire Forming of a Steel Latch Pin Handle


At Industrial Spring Corporation we take great pride in the quality of work and the knowledge we bring to help provide money-saving solutions for our clients. A customer in the truck accessory industry commissioned us to manufacture a key component within their product using precision CNC wire forming.

The client was manufacturing latch pin handles by hand in their own facility. Using our AIM 3D2-T CNC wire forming machine, we were able to employ a fully automated process. The manufacturing process included straightening the raw metal, feeding it into the turret head indexing tool changer for forming, and cutting the wire to complete the latch pin handle. We also plated the part using Type II yellow zinc chromate as part of our finishing process. We produced 33,000 wires, each with a diameter of .250”, a length of 15.500”, and a height of 2.803”, in 20 working days, and delivered the completed latch pin handles to the customer facility.

Industrial Spring Corporation takes a solutions-based approach to achieve excellent customer service, quality craftsmanship, and prompt project completion of all of our projects. To learn more about our precision wire forming capabilities, contact us.



Precision CNC Wire Forming of a Steel Latch Pin Handle

Utilizing CNC equipment to save our client thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Primary: CNC Wire Forming

    • Forms Component in a Fully Automated Process
      • Straightens Wire
      • Feeds Wire into Turret Head Indexing Tool Changer for Forming
      • Cuts Wire for Completed Part

Secondary: Plating

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

AIM 3D2-T CNC Wire Forming Machine

Overall Part Dimensions

Wire Diameter: Ø.250” Length: 15.500” Height: 2.803”

Tightest Tolerances

+.030”/-.005” ±2?

Material Used

.250” Diameter Bright Basic Wire

Material Finish

Type II Yellow Zinc Chromate

In process testing / inspection performed

Dimensional Layout

Industry for Use

Truck Accessory



Delivery / Turnaround Time

20 Working Days

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Latch Pin Handle