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Fillet Pin for a Food Application


Industrial Spring was contacted by a client in the food industry when they needed a redesign of a series of fillet pins used to hold bacon wrapped around a fillet mignon during food preparation. Manufactured by a competitor from 302 stainless steel measuring .062 inches in diameter, our clients were unhappy with the dimensions of the original pin. Consequently, we reconstructed the pin from .049 inch stainless steel wire, lowering the piece weight from .002661 to .001696 pounds. Though this change seems small, the client subsequently ordered 300,000 pieces, saving approximately 290 pounds of material cost with each run.

These new fillet pins worked better during application and allowed for an average cost savings of $826 with each order. Each fillet pin was also equipped with one active coil and one tang. Upholding a geometry tolerance of (+/-) .008 inches, we constructed our products to measure .387 inches in inner diameter, .485 inches in outer diameter, .098 inches in length, and 1.495 inches in tang length. We used a passivation process to provide each fillet pin a high-quality finish. Using a fiber drum with plastic liner to ensure safe delivery we were able to offer our clients a fast, twenty business day lead time.




Filet Pin

Product Description

This Fillet Pin is Used to keep Bacon and a Piece of Filet Mignon together in the Food Industry.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Coiling Passivate


.098” Length. .387” I.D. .485” O.D. 1.495” Tang Length. Ø .049” Wire

Tightest Tolerances

Geometry Tolerance ±.008”

Material Used

302 Stainless Steel


1 Active Coil 1 Tang

Industry for Use



.001696 lbs


300,000 Annualy

Lead Time

20 Working Days


Fiber Drum w/ Plastic Liner