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Extended Hook Extension Spring for Canopies


In 2007 a leading manufacturer and installer of canopies and fascia systems contacted our company requesting a two piece assembly of a four inch extension spring and a 3.75 inch wire form part. As a cost saving measure Industrial Spring suggested that the client combine the two parts into one spring with extended hooks. This solution would eliminate the need for the wire form part. This one change to the construction saved this customer $.032 per part on a 50,000 piece order. It also meant that the client no longer had to track inventory for two separate parts.

Constructed out of galvanized music wire that was .08 inches in diameter, we were able to uphold a (±) .007 inch diameter tolerance, a (±) .093 inch free length tolerance, and a (±) 15 degree end hook plane. After production, each extended hook extension spring measured .382 inches in inner diameter, .542 inches in outer diameter, .880 inches in body length, and 6.895 in hook length. The total overall length of each part was 7.775 inches and weighed .0281 pounds.

Each extended hook extension spring was equipped with a variety of features such as a 260.3256 Hz frequency rating, an 8.5 pound load, and a UNK stress tolerance of 19,531 psi. As with many of our high-quality products, we were able to deliver their order within a twenty working day lead time. With the ability to offer our client a cost-effective solution, we were able to efficiently produce 50,000 extended hook extension springs, saving our customer both time and money.



Product Name

Extended Hook Extension Spring for Canopies

Product Description

This Extended Hook Extension Spring is used within Canopy and Fascia Systems.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Coiling Galvanizing Stress Relieving

Overall Part Dimensions

.382” I.D. .542” O.D. .880” Body Length 6.895” Hook Length 7.775” Overall Length Ø .080” Wire

Tightest Tolerances

Diameter: ±.007” End Hook Planes: ±15° Free Length: ± .093”

Material Used

Galvanized Music Wire


Frequency: 260.3256 Hz Load: 8.5 lbs UNK Stress: 19,531psi 10 Coils Total Equal Distance Between Ends

Industry for Use



0281 lbs



Lead Time

20 Working Days