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Counter Balance Torsion Spring for Roll up Door


With the acquisition of new coiling technology in 2006, Industrial Spring Corporation was able to more efficiency manufacture counter balance torsion springs for a custom manufacturer of roll up door systems. Prior to acquiring this equipment, the torsion springs required secondary bending operations which added cost and time to the production process as the parts were heavy and awkward to handle.

With this new technology the secondary bending operations are eliminated and the springs are produced more cost efficiently, resulting in a lower part cost to our client. This additional technology has also permitted ISC to broaden our customer base due to increased capacity on wire diameter.

Upholding a geometry tolerance of (±) .030 inches, we manufactured counter balance torsion springs with bends. Each spring was made out of oil tempered steel which met ASTM A229 standards. With our new equipment capabilities our company successfully produced our clients’ springs using only one machining process, saving our client money, and providing a twenty working day lead time upon order.




Counter Balance Torsion Spring for Roll up Door

Product Description

This torsion spring is used in a roll up door application.

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Coiling Stress Relieving

Tightest Tolerances

.Geometry Tolerance ±.030”

Material Used

Oil Tempered


Straight Tang

Industry for Use


Standards Met

ASTM A229 Oil Tempered Material