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Compression Spring for the Plastic Rotational Molding Industry


Our company was contacted by a client from an industrial products distribution company to help them manufacture a large volume of five different types of compression springs for use in the plastic rotational molding industry. After discussions with this distributor, we discovered that their client was employing 75,000 of each item per release, and after only two to three hours of usage, was forced to discard the springs due to failure.

The breakdown of these parts was due to the base material having an operating temperature of 250 degrees but was being used at an operating temperature of 500 to 600 degrees. Industrial Spring developed a new series of compression springs constructed from precipitation hardening stainless steel type 17-7 PH. The newly designed springs would be more durable in higher temperatures without wearing down so quickly, eliminating the need for replacing the spring anymore than every 3 to 4 months.

Upholding a (±) .005 inch geometry tolerance and a (±) 10% load tolerance, we were able to construct the five types of springs to possess a material size diameter of .042, .045, .056, or .060 inches respectively. Each product measured 1.485 inches in length and .6 inches in outer diameter.

We were able to supply a prototype version within three days of product proposal.Within two weeks of design we were able to distribute an initial production order to our client.  By developing these new compression springs that could operate in higher temperatures Industrial Spring increased the end user’s efficiency positively impacting their bottom line while also improving the distributor’s reputation with his customer.




Compression Spring

Product Description

This compression spring is used in the Plastic Rotational Molding Industry

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Coiling End Grinding Stress Relieving


.600” O.D. 1.485” Long Ø .042” Wire Ø .045” Wire Ø .056” Wire Ø .060” Wire

Tightest Tolerances

Geometry Tolerance ±.005” Load Tolerance: ±10%

Material Used

17-7 PH Stainless Steel


Ends Closed & Ground Withstands Temperatures of 500°F - 600°F

Industry for Use

Plastic Rotational Molding Industry



Delivery Time

Design and initial proposal - 24 hours Initial production order – 2 weeks Prototypes - 3 days