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Brush Collector Ring Spring


We were contacted by a current customer in the irrigation pivot industry. They were experiencing a great deal of product failure and warranty cost on a part that was being manufactured by another company. Upon investigation by Industrial Spring it was discovered that the main cause of failure was due to tool marks, poor radius design and the introduction of hydrogen embrittlement into the part during the plating process. Industrial Spring was able to design and build four-slide tooling to correct the manufacturing and tooling design flaws. We also utilize a plater that we have worked with for many years that knows and fully understands how to correct issues that are sometimes caused with electro plating of high carbon wire and steel. With these corrections we have been able to eliminate the problems previously experienced saving the customer thousands of dollars in rework and warrantee costs.



Product Name

Brush Collector Ring Spring

Product Description

Motor Brush Spring used in the irrigation pivot industry

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Four-slide Heat Treating Plating

Overall Part Dimensions

2.876” Long

Tightest Tolerance

Geometry Tolerance ±.005

Material Used

.025” X .437” C1050 Annealed Spring Steel

Industry for Use

Irrigation Pivot Industry


60,000 annually


Design and initial tooling 6 weeks Standard production orders 3 to 4 weeks